Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Present Game

-Describe your learning topic for the game. What is the most important thing you want your players to learn?
My learning topic is about volcanoes and how they help the earth.I want the players to learn how the volcanoes help the earth by forming to new land.
-What kind of research did you do? What did you learn about your topic?
I research a lot of different things like how volcanoes form and how they help the earth.I learned that volcanoes take for ever to form and they can erupt at anytime.The lava helps the earth by making new land.
-How did your ideas change as you worked on your game?
My game ideas changed because it was getting harder.Like my enemy wasn't really fitting my game until I changes it.A lot of my ideas didn't work out because it was to hard to do on my game.
-What Game Ingredients and Help Center resources have been most useful to you so far, and why?
The most useful game ingredient on my game to help me the health bar because I really wanted to do something else on my game and make it more exciting.The health bar is better then just numbers it make the game look better and more fun to play.
-Which part of making the game was most difficult for you? How did you overcome this difficulty? What features are you most proud of in your game?
The most difficult thing for me was adding the win and lose screen because it wouldn't work for while.I over came this by going back and fixing what was wrong and fixing my game to work.All I needed was my goal so the player to win the game and some enemies didn't have instance name.I am proud of making my whole game.I think it is the best.


  1. I watched you make this game it looks cool and fun to play and the art work looks pretty good I want to play it. I didn't see you make the whole game but I'm pretty sure it came out well.

  2. I helped you with your lose and win screen , and honestly I do agree that was the hardest part in your game.Overall your game looks really nice and I hope you enter the Globeys , cause your art work is really good.